How It Works

Different workflows require different services, orchestration and automation in place which you would typically have to code and automate using the AWS APIs. Depending on the workflow these can span across multiple services, have a specific sequence, employ different logic and can be hard to plan and track, as well as require deep AWS expertise and skills. You may end up calling several hundreds of APIs just to provision one workflow. You will also have to take care of bringing these resources up, monitor them and bring them down when you are done. Using our framework, all this is taken care of and all you have to do is choose your workflow and launch it. We will manage all underlying services involved make sure they are correctly invoked and configured, monitor the process and in a few seconds have your desired workflow up and running, ready to stream.

Blueprints are predefined workflows, a starting point for your workflow. Choose one that works best for you or design your own (coming soon), customize any parameters if required and launch it on demand or schedule. Our best practice blueprints developed by experienced video engineers ensure that your workflow will run as designed and launch without a hitch. Think of blueprints as templates for your workflows. We have a large library of blueprints that cover many different streaming scenarios to meet your needs. And if you can’t find a blueprint that suits your case, then we’ll be happy to design one for you or even better, we’ll let you design your own (coming soon).

We provide a friendly UI to get you started quickly. If you need programmatic access with quick integration, we also provide a simple friendly RESTful API.

In addition to full automation we provide the following advanced features not available directly from AWS Media Services without (a lot) of coding:

  • Webhook Notifications: get notified on statuses and alerts coming out of any component in your workflow
  • Automated Archives: We can deliver an archive in S3 from your source automatically. You can then download your archive. Archive turnaround is extremely fast.
  • Scheduling: Schedule the workflow infrastructure to be provisioned at a given time and date as well as tear down. AWS MediaServices do not provide scheduling functionality out of the box. We make it easy for you to schedule your workflow to be launched automatically at a time you specify. We can additionally tear it down for you, so you minimize your costs and only pay for what you use/need.
  • Zixi Sender: We provide you with a free zixi sender so you can send your stream to the cloud with the award winning zixi transport that guarantees low latency high resilience video over the public internet.
  • CDN: Some of our blueprints are configured with out of the box origin and CDN (MediaStore and CloudFront) as well as S3 for archives so we make it easy for you to expose your streams with world class origination and Content Delivery without you needing to worry about anything.
  • DAI: We provide Dynamic Ad Insertion (via AWS Mediatailor) so you can monetize your streams easily with VAST compatible servers.

Friendly GUI

Test, schedule, launch, tweak and monitor any workflows using our friendly web based application. We provide a 360 view into your workflow. With AWS you would typically have to span across a number of service UIs individually to design, configure and test your MediaServices setups.

With our UI this is a single powerful view combining everything under one roof. We help you monitor and launch multiple simultaneous workflows without switching a tab. Use our GUI if you do not require integration to existing systems and would like to launch,manage and monitor your workflows easily with no additional integration and zero coding efforts. For those of you that do need integration, use the GUI as a test console to help your API integration. Everything in our web based UI is available as RESTful API.


Use our developer friendly RESTful API to automate and integrate workflows with minimal code and logic into your existing products or services. One single API allows you to launch and manage any blueprints/workflows.

True Cloud Economy and Scale

Pay for what you use and when you use it.
You don't need to purchase expensive encoders and run data centers. Deliver your signal to the cloud using Zixi, RIST or RTMP and leverage on demand Elemental Live encoders without owning any gear or running a data center. Choose from different geographical regions that are closest to your contribution. Scale by launching 1 or 100 simultaneous encoders and only pay for the time they are serving your live stream.